Making Serious Money by Starting a Small Business

By August Lanz
When you set out to start a small business it is because you are either short on cash or you simply do not have such a great appetite for risk.

However, the first problem we face when we think about starting a small business is what I call a violent reality check: you still need a lot of money to get it going, usually well above $20K or even $30K.

So, small? Not quite.

But it does not end there, because the other problem is that after you put that kind of money at stake, you will not necessarily make millions but more likely a small profit after paying for employees, equipment, location etc.

This is the harsh story of setting up a small business through the traditional model, that is, a franchise, a small store a t a mall, a bakery, etc. In all of these examples you will need a lot of money and you will have a lot of expenses that will be a constant threat to your profitability.

Therefore, how do you go about starting a small business -a really small one that is- with an actual potential for meaningful profits?

I wish there was a straight answer to this one, but the fact is it is not that simple (otherwise everyone would be rich right?), but the good news is that it is not complicated either and in fact, I would say it is almost easy (almost).

The answer cannot be straight because there are several steps you must follow internally as an entrepreneur before you can reach it:

First, you have to move away and forget all about the traditional business model and pursue other ways to do business even if they seem unlikely to do the trick, because in those somewhat “peculiar” alternatives you will find a lot more than you would spending 30K while you reach your goals with less risk and way faster.

Now that you have opened your mind and entrepreneurial spirit to a new approach, then it is time to tackle effective ways to generate revenue online, which will give you the ability to start, operate and execute a complete business plan right from your computer.

Therefore, if you really want to make serious money by starting a small business -one that you can start with a few hundred dollars or less- you must commit to turning the internet into your building ground. This way, you will be hardly risking any money while you create a stream of income that will likely surpass that of many traditional “small businesses” that require 30K+ to set up and run.

Learn how you can start a really small and solid business by going through all the information provided at this Special Business Review.

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